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Spanish composer and conductor

As a professor, conductor, and composer, Javier Jacinto has achieved many international music accomplishments. His catalogue of compositions includes hundreds of diverse works which have received international acclaim. He has been invited to conduct in many distinguished sites across the globe. Both as a professor and a conductor, he has dedicated himself to imparting his musical experience with others, especially youth musicians.


In 1993 he entered the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid where, upon completion of his studies in 1997, he was awarded the Graduate of Honor for his first title in Musical Composition. In 2001 he achieved his second title from the Royal Conservatory in Orchestral Conducting. Apart from instruction in composition and conduction, his studies have also included piano, txistu (Basque flute), cello, and electroacoustic and computer music. He has studied under distinguished music professionals including Francisco Escudero, Antón García Abril, F. Donatoni, C. Bernaola, C. Halffter, E. García Asensio and G. Grisey.


Jacinto’s compositional achievements were first recognized on an international scale in 1993 when, at the age of twenty-four, he received first place in an international competition of vocal carols from the Choral Federation of Euskal-Herria (Basque Country, Spain). However, the breakthrough moment in Jacinto’s compositional career arrived in 2000 when he received Madrid’s Musical Composition Award entitled Virgen de la Almudena in recognition of his orchestral work “Madrid Promenade.” The piece debuted in the National Auditorium of Spain with a performance by the Galician Orchestra under the conduction of Victor Pablo Perez. Both literally and figuratively, this award marked his entry onto the Spain’s national music stage. Since then, Jacinto has continued to compose fervently and has published a diverse catalogue that includes more than three hundred pieces.

Despite busy years of composing, Jacinto has had time to gain national and international recognition as a conductor. His invitations include, among others, guest conductorships with the group Sax Ensemble at the Spanish National Auditorium and the Deutsches Kammerorchester in Berlin. He has been invited to both compose and conduct two operas “El Acomodador, The Attendent” (2003) and “Caronte, Kharon” (2006) in the Auditorium of Baranain (Navarra, Spain).

Professional Career

Jacinto’s professional journey started in Euskal-Herria (Basque Country, Spain) where he began a career dedicated to working with youth musicians. In 1998, Jacinto worked to found the Euskal-Herria’s Association of Schools’ Youth Orchestra, and in 2001, with Jacinto as the director, this young orchestra was selected to participate in the prestigious sixty-second annual Quincena Musical Donostiarra (San Sebastian, Spain), a professional music festival with vast international renown.

In 2002, Jacinto was appointed to his first permanent teaching position as the Head of the Department of Music Composition at the Extremadura Superior Conservatory of Music. Apart from his teaching position, he founded and served as the conductor of the school’s first orchestra and in 2004 he was asked to serve as the director of Badajoz’s Symphonic Band.

In 2005 Jacinto left Badajoz to return once again to Madrid where he held the position of Symphonic Music Analyst for SGAE (The Society of Authors and Publishers) until 2006. In 2007 he accepted a position as the director of the student orchestra at the Majadahonda Conservatory of Music in Madrid. Two years later Jacinto took the position of orchestra teacher and director at Madrid’s Moreno Torroba Public School for Integrated Music Studies, the position that he continues to hold today.  At the school he teaches orchestra and orchestra conducting to youth ranging from eleven to twenty years old, and directs two student orchestras and two student bands.